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Etruscans—placed emphasis on religious festivals
Prize fighting
Gladiatorial battles
Acting dancing juggling, flute playing



žThe first source for the development of Roman theatre was the Etruscans.
ž It was a civilization that flourished northwest of Rome from 650 to 450 BCE. 
žThey had a great emphasis on religious festivals.
žThe Ludi Romani (A Roman festival at which Greek drama was presented) was established by Tarquin the Elder, an Etruscan Roman Ruler. 
Source: History of Theatre I Powerpoint (Roman Theatre)

Roman Theatre’s Father(S)

Three of the biggest — Horace, Plautus and (Professor Charlow’s Man)–> Terrence based their work on Greek models


What they contributed according to my History of Theatre I notes from last semester: 

1. elimination of chorus

2. addition of musical accompaniment to much of the dialogue

3. emphasis on ease-dropping

–invented comedies and musicals