The girl be, cookin and cleanin and cleanin and cookin
She be, constantly douchin and cleanin her pussy
And when she, step on the scene e’rybody be lookin

Okay, “Dolls”…sike, TO MY BARBIES and KENS:

Hunee Says: Shout Out to Kim Kardashian! Kimie, You are my BEEYOTCH! I sooo loove her, even though many frown upon her upbringing to Hollywood. -Sexing Ray J on tape- Well, I loved the sex tape too….

QueenPri Says: So, if you got sumthin to say about her…just go sit in the corner & think about your miserable ass life AND YOUR RAGGEDY ANN ASS, she makin $$ from your SNOOPY ASS watchin that damn sex-tape.

-Kudos Kimie-


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