Woman Suspected Of Killing Her Sister And Cutting Off Her Nose (And Ears) To Spite Her Face


A 58-year-old woman was found butchered in her Queens home — her nose and ears sliced off — and investigators say they want to question a sister who lived with her and may have engaged in a screaming match with her earlier in the day.

A third sister, who lives in Long Island, found the mutilated body of Sharon Lee Hill at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday after failing to reach her by phone and rushing to Springfield Gardens to check on her, sources said.

“In the middle of the afternoon, I heard two women screaming excessively at each other,” said a neighbor at the Baisley Park Houses, where Hill was found face down in the living room of her sixth-floor apartment.

“It sounded like it was getting really violent, [but] I didn’t think anything of it,” said the neighbor, explaining that she often hears yelling through her walls.

Hill, who shared her apartment with her 41-year-old sister, was “a nice lady” who could often be seen walking her pet poodle, Ricochet, said a neighbor, Pat Williams.

What a horrible way to die… Family feuds are often the most violent, but can you even imagine murking your big sister?

Source: http://www.nypost.com


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