Obama Obama Obama vs. TRUMP


Donald Trump is running for President of our beloved United States of America. I don’t think Mr. Trump is capable of running a country; it is NOT the same as nurturing a Bentley.  He is having more fun basking in his beloved spotlight and talking about our disgusting current Commander in Chief and if Obama is a native of America.

Trump blurted out on NBC’s Today Show that he had “real doubts” that President Barack Obama was born in the US. Well Mr. Donald Trump: I have real confusion in my ‘very intellectual brain’ that you would even consider being President of MY country.

Trump has been involved with some failed ventures, never declared personal bankruptcy but has had some of his investments go through reorganization. But in the end of the day, he’s a money-maker with a pretty good understanding of economics, and the business world on small and grand scales.

Obama, on the other hand, is a lawyer and community organizer, with no significant legal victories and little to show for his constituents whose “communities” he helped “organize”.

This is not a personality contest, if it was, I would give the edge to Obama, because I dislike Trumps egomaniacal narcissism so much.

The question of the day: You have $100,000…

It’s your life savings…

You need to finish paying your mortgage off, send your kid to college, etc in the next 10 years…

Would you trust the investment choices of Barack Obama or would you trust the investment choices of Donald Trump?

QueenPri Says: fuckwithyaboi ♥



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