Hunee bringing YOUNG PHYU to your future! (Exclusive Interview)

Young Phyu

I’m here in the studio with an up-coming rapper name YOUNG PHYU who is beginning his career near novelty—the son of a prominent R&B/ Hip-Hop Soul artist –Born Elgin, named after his father, he sank into the need of expression and nurtured a love of music. The dude has swag in person and it’s shown in his music that will make any lady be ready to strip down to bra and panties and just slow grind on anything masculine at that time. LOL.

Butcheckitdoe, Young Phyu is yeeea that!

Let’s check out what he has to say and reveal who this prominent dad is.


Hunee: Okay, I’m here in Maryland in MarkIzRey’s studio with Young Phyu, way out in west-bubble! And he had the nerve to say “That long ride will take you to a great Phyucha”. Hmmm…my gas tank doesn’t feel that way! (Laugh)

Young Phyu: Don’t worry beautiful, I got your gas tank.

Hunee: Aww sookie sookie now, you gona fill me up. (Laugh) Now, tell me about this stage name, “Young Phyu”. Like ‘the future’, like ‘back to the future’, or ‘going to the future’? (Laugh) So, I know you went through the phase of trying to set a concrete name: Young El, Young Skyscraper, Skyscraper, Young Phyucha…now, Young Phyu. How did you come up with the name Young Phyu?

Young Phyu: I just abbreviated Phyucha.

Hunee: So are you trying to say that you’re my future?

Young Phyu: Yea Hunee, you can be my future. (Laugh)

Hunee: What are your songs about?

Young Phyu: My songs are about everybody. Everyone can relate to my songs, the young and old. I talk about it ALL. Whatever I see and hear, I write about it…and I see and hear a lot.

Hunee: Do you write your own songs?

Young Phyu: OF COURSE, I write my own songs. Of cooourrrse I write my own songs.

Hunee: Do you get any help from anybody, any ghost writers?

Young Phyu: Na, I don’t need a GHOST WRITER for my music, I have a natural gift.

Hunee: So how do you feel about other artists who utilize ghost writers?

Young Phyu: They (other artists) do what they do so they can get some money. It’s a business, they play the business well. If they can’t rap and got the image for it then I guess they good. That’s them, I don’t do that. #Original

Hunee: Will you ever use a ghost writer?

Young Phyu: Na, definitely not.

Hunee: What if one day, you woke up with a loss of words? How about then?

Young Phyu:  I will never lose words, I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHIN’ TO SAY! ALWAYS! I think that’s what many hate on the most, family…friend…or whatever; I keep it real 100%. Always.

Hunee: Alright now! I’m loving this fine redbone in here…Ladies, he is so FINE! I’m getting a little excited! (Cross legs) So on that note, tell me about your writing process, how do you write your songs?

Young Phyu: I put on the skull candys…

Hunee: What is a skull candy?

Young Phyu: The headphones…I crank to the beat about two times. The next step is to type…I don’t write, I type. That’s it. Fire Flame Spitta

Hunee: Tell us about your background, some say you grew up in some type of royalty.

Young Phyu: (Laugh) I ain’t grow up in no “royalty”.

Hunee: So you grew up as a normal kid?

Young Phyu: Hell yea!

Hunee: Did you get things handed to you?

Young Phyu: Nope, I had to work for things. I couldn’t show the black side of my ass and then expect to get those new Jordans the following week. Damn, it was this time when my parents took my game away from me because of grades…man, I was sick! Got them grades up fast as hell to get my game back!

Hunee: Did you get your ass whoop?

Young Phyu: Hell yea!

Hunee: Did your ass turn red, you kinda yellow?

Young Phyu: (Laugh) Maybe. That was back THEN!

Hunee: What was the worst thing you did to get your ass whoop?

Young Phyu: (Laugh) I got my ass whoop a lot.

Hunee: Do you have a musical background; let us know who the musicians are?

Young Phyu: Sort of. My dad sings, my uncle (Unc James) does music as well.

Hunee: Who is your dad?

Young Phyu: He is a R&B Singer, his stage name is Ginuwine. I would say I get my love of music from him, but it’s just a different type of music. I remember going on tour with him as a child. I was blessed to get that first hand experience of the business at such a young age.

Hunee: How does your dad (Ginuwine) feel about the type of music that you are doing now?

Young Phyu: I mean, he’s behind it.

Hunee: Completely?

Young Phyu: I mean, earlier we bumped heads about the lyrics a couple of times but I made alterations so we are all on the same page now. That’s my pops, he a good man.

Hunee: Do you plan on doing any songs with your dad?

Young Phyu: We’re actually working on one but that’s top secret; I can’t even go too much in depth about it.

Hunee: Just let us know; is it a “for the ladies” song?

Young Phyu: Of course, of course…it’s coming out soon. Be on the lookout! Young Phyu got it in your future. (Laugh)

Hunee: Who are your musical influences? Does your dad (Ginuwine) take part in that?

Young Phyu: My dad of course. Timbaland, Missy (Missy Elliot), & Aaliyah. Yea, all of them. I seen them in the in the studio doing business all the time, they set it for me.

Hunee: So, I have to ask…Can you sing and Rap? Get your Drake on.

Young Phyu: Yea, I can SING & RAP.

Hunee: Oh Ladies! Do you hear that? A singer, rapper and FINE! So you gona sing for me?

Young Phyu: Na Hunee, you gota wait. It will be out on a song soon.

Hunee: Aww man, straight blow to the heart.

Young Phyu: I’m sorry beautiful. Maybe, I can stop by and sing you the song then, would you like that?

Hunee: Like? I would LOVE that. What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.)

Young Phyu: I plan on being worldwide! In every country! Everywhere, it’s not just a plan, its gona HAPPEN SOON.

Hunee: How would YOU define the word “success”?

Young Phyu: Making it. Success means staying humble, no matter what. It’s having what you want in life, or hustling hard to the point where you can almost grab everything you EVER dreamt about.

Hunee: Let’s talk about your team. Wait, first do you have an entertainment PR, I’m available?

Young Phyu: Yea Hunee, get on my team…I got you. I got whoever willing to have a great “Phyucha”.

Hunee: Who are your current producer and management?

Young Phyu: MarkIzRey is my producer. Twitter: @MarkIzRey

Tony Lear is my manager. Twitter: @IAMTONYLEAR

Both of them talented as hell! Check them out!

Hunee: Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? How are you hoping that will reach out to you?

Young Phyu: I am looking at whoever gets behind me, whoever has faith in my music. I know I’ma be big. It might be an independent or major label; whatever I feel is the best. I wanna be somewhere I can grow; no one wants to be the same forever…that’s boring.

Hunee: What live performance experience have you had?

Young Phyu: I’ve had a couple locally (D.C., MD, VA). Most recent was at the Iconz, out in Virginia.

Hunee: How do you rate your live performance ability? …On a scale of 1-10…

Young Phyu: On some none cocky shit…well, forget that…even on some cocky shit…On a scale 1-10, I say 20! I give my audience a show EVERY TIME. I have a lot of energy and I give it my all every time I grab a mic. It’s what I do, it’s in my blood.

Hunee: Have you recorded any previous mixtapes or posted any audio files on the Internet?

Young Phyu: The mixtape, ‘Back to the Phyucha” is coming very soon, no later than mid June. It will be out and on every website, blog and radio I can get hold of.

Hunee: And how about any audio posts?

Young Phyu: REVERBNATION.COM and Youtube: Young Phyu

Hunee: About how many songs will be on the mixtape and how many do you think will be HAWT FIRE?

Young Phyu: ‘Back to the Phyucha’ gona feature about 20 songs and 21 will be hits!

Hunee: 21?

Young Phyu: Yea, that’s right.

Hunee: Well damn, I know I’m not a math whiz but that don’t seem possible.

Young Phyu: I’m the impossible, the “Phyucha” (laugh)

Hunee: Alright now, I hear that! Congratulations on your first video, Let Me Get Em (DMV Anthem)

It’s Trill! It’s only been released for about two hours and Young Phyu has Hunee Ent. with the first live premiere. You can watch the video on the link below the interview.

Butyeadoe, the music video is on the yeah, Young Phyu is on that wassup!

I know you’re tryna head back in session…finishing up this mixtape so I’ma let you get back in the booth. One last thing, how can people get in contact with you for bookings, interviews or just to be nosy as hell?

Young Phyu: My twitter: @YoungPhyu

Facebook: Phyucha YoungSkyskraper

Facebook: We Support Phyucha

And the Just for the ladies:  Futuristic Mami Official Fan Site

For booking and features: Contact Tony Lear-

Hunee: Thank you for the interview baby.

Young Phyu: Anything for Hunee.

BMP MEDIA’s + Champion Studio work on Young Phyucha’s video “let me get em'”

Like Father, Like Son


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