So You Wanna Play with Death?

Length of Film: 90minutes


Two best friends, Lon Chaney and Redd Foxx, since second grade grows up together and even graduate in the top percentage of an Ivy League School: Paranormal University. Here, they both graduate with a degree in Broadcasting, focused in Investigative Paranormal Sciences.

Ten years after graduation, Lon Chaney and Red Foxx establish “ParaScience News” to examine and investigate paranormal activity using proper scientific methods of study. Where most paranormal reporters visit locations for 24 hours, PSN News investigates each location as if it were a new study, using the most up-to-date and sophisticated paranormal technology.

One late night, after receiving no stories in three weeks, Lon is tipped by an anonymous caller at the station. The caller advice ParaScience News to get to Glendale Hospital located in Glendale, Maryland because weird activity is seen, which is slightly creepy since the hospital has been vacant since 1982. Nevertheless, Lon calls Redd and they pack up to prepare to move into Glendale Hospital. Redd and Lon along with four other researchers prepares their journey for discovery and explanation. Twenty-four hours later they pull into their new “home” and set up a floor in the hospital as a house, placing clothes in closets, mats on the floor, and their power to stay alive (so they think)—their equipment.

As night approaches and Redd falls asleep, Lon being to pick up some sort of presence on the radar two rooms down…

Something is there,

Something doesn’t like visitors in their “Home”

So Someone will die

Who will it be?

Produced by:Andrew Smith

 Written by: Priyadarshini Persaud


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