Deontra Grays Gets 30 Years For His Role In Brian Betts Murder

By: Washington Post/gettyimages/

(Rockville, MD)  —  Although he was not the gunman, 19-year-old Deontra Gray will spend 30-years in prison for his role in the murder of DC school principal Brian Betts.  Gray is one of four men who pleaded guilty to charges connected to the 2010 robbery and shooting at Betts’Silver Spring home.  The ringleader, Alante Saunders, is serving a 40 year sentence.  Gray’s attorney will consider an appeal.

Source: Metro Networks Inc.


Well, damn! This is such an unfortunate situation. A 19-yr old who barley got to experience life will have a well-rounded life behind bars for 30 years of his life. Though, it is still some type of justice…it will never replace the life of Principal Brain Betts. We must start educating our children at home…School for a couple hours a day can not do it all!

Let’s Save Lives


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