Hmm…Guess even “Georgetown University” ain’t as SAFE as ‘they’ say!

(Washington, DC)  —  Police are investigating a pair of robberies involving students at Georgetown University.  The Wednesday night robberies happened about a month after three other students were robbed near the campus in Northwest, DC.  One robbery left the victim injured on 42nd Street, when a man grabbed her purse and hit her with a gun that fired and left a burn on her neck.  The second incident happened at 36th and “O” Streets after a man chased a student into courtyard where he robbed her at gunpoint.

Source: Metro Networks Inc.


That goes to prove to all you snobby ass people….it don’t matter where you are…you’re ass may think you live on this pedestal, all high up from the world, but you can still get robbed. Ha! 


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