National Sex-Day

“And when you’re done, I don’t wanna feel my leeegggss”

National Sex Day????

Howdafuck did I miss NATIONAL SEX DAY–not just my hood sex day or my nigga wanting sex but NATIONAL SEX DAY!

Dammmnnn, was I suppose to get a card, flowers, dinner, backrub, SEX SEX SEX SEX or something….SEX!


We Let’s Honor it by posting some of our most FREAKIEST videos:

QueenPri says: Hope everyone else got it in/But not good..cauuse Daammmmmnnnn…ugh!

Political Statement: Post. Script- I do not condone sexual relations….

ahahahahaha! NOOOOT!

“fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb..”

Videos: Feel Free to Post Your “FuckEm” Videos!

OLD SKOOL: This SHIDD STILL Get You Dripping:

So…without even digging in my sex albums-those are the first songs that come to mind..PLENTYMOREWHERETHATCOMESFROM

What’s URS???


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