This is the 7th DC Police officer arrested in 5months: Something needs to be done! Being a Police Officer is not only a service to citizens but a TRUST given from the entire country! To take advantage of the people…I HAVE NO PITY! You get whatever it is that you deserve. I have received multiple private messages about ‘taking it easy’ on their loved ones or friends (who are the officers)…some even told me that I should state “alleged” in front of the names of the victims. These “OFFICERS” aren’t victims, they broke the law and it is what it is. I am reporting the news, and guess what: It is definitely news worthy.


The allegations against Hackley are just the latest in a string of embarrassments incurred by the police department as six other officers have been charged with crimes ranging from buying stolen merchandise to murder.

In one instance, an officer is charged with killing a woman in Prince George’s County and leaving her baby to die in a hot car.

In another, an officer is charged with helping her boyfriend break into several houses.

Three other officers were charged buying stolen electronics.

“In the case of police officers who engaged in that kind of activity is absolutely unconscionable,” Mayor Vincent Gray said, calling the arrests an “embarrassment.”

However, Gray encouraged residents to not lose confidence in the police department as the arrests show its commitment to weeding out corruption.

Deputy Mayor Paul Quander also weighed in.

“We find out, we aggressively pursue, we prosecute and we make sure that confidence is restored.”

Other officers arrested:

  • Jan. 25: Joanne Nichole Marshall Ivy, charged with obstruction of justice after authorities say she lied to police in a shooting investigation to prevent a man she knew from being arrested.
  • March 6: Jennifer Green, charged with attempted receipt of stolen cash after authorities say she used police equipment to help in a sting operation and later accepted cash for doing so.
  • March 8: Guillermo Ortiz, Silvestre Bonilla and Dioni Fernandez, charged with attempting to buy stolen merchandise after authorities say they were caught on camera and in uniform buying TVs, iPhones, iPads and iPods for far below market value.
  • May 31: Richmond Diallo Binns Phillips, charged in two deaths after authorities say he killed a woman with whom he was scheduled to appear in court later in the day for a court-ordered paternity test and left her 1-year-old daughter to die in a hot car.

Check this video out about story on latest officer: http://wj.la/jQmdM1


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