DC Police Officer Accused Of Stealing From Elderly Woman

(Washington, DC)  —  A DC Police officer is accused of stealing more than 43-thousand-dollars from an elderly woman.  Thirty-five-year-old Sergeant Aisha Hackley of Oxon Hillappeared in DC Superior Court yesterday to face charges that ten suspicious checks made out to either her or her son were charged against the account of Edwina McDonald, without permission.  Since last December, Hackley had been investigating a report that McDonald was a victim of a lottery scam.

Source: Metro Networks Inc./ Radio One

Hunee Says: Okay, so of course…this story was going to make the blog! I’m so sick & tired of all these DC Cops acting STUPID! A call to ACTION about our officers needs to be in high demand. Something needs to change IMMEDIATELY…more on this subject later today. 

I think I may start posting the photographs of all officers that make the blog!…yep, sounds like a plan! They want to ridicule their duty to citizens, we going to expose the God given face they have. 


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