In the Studio with Russ Parr Morning Show and Singer Lloyd!

Lloyd Album drops on July 5th! King of Hearts!

Lloyd @ WKYS 93.9

Some featuring artist: Keri Kerlison, Young Jezzy, Trey Songz, Andre 3000…

What’s new: Other than Album dropping, Lloyd got to be the main entertainment at  Toya Carter’s and Memphitz wedding this pass weekend.



“Even if you didn’t come to see me, you gona leave thinking about me”

–Lloyd: in regards to Chris Brown stirring up chaos from Spring Fest.




Lloyd talks about Rule, Shanti and Gotti  Ja & Ashanti & Lloyd performed in New York but no longer in contact with Irv Gotti.



Released song from album: *Naked by Lloyd – that will get any pussy wetter than you can say “Take Off, Blast Off”. I’m feeling this song already, Lloyd told us: ‘that’s sex in the morning” …psssh, I don’t know what he’s saying…That’s sex all damn day…morning, noon and damn sure NIGHT!


 *Be the One- Trey Songz & Young Jezzy: Ohh Shidd now, “Girl, I wanna be the one”….ohh shidd, this song goes in MOST DEF. I fucks with it! If the whole album go like this, Ima fuck around & actually buy the damn cd…fuck itunes….this makes it more than wetter…ooppps…I mean worth worth it!

P.S: Lloyd, Trey and Jezzy= Drip Drip Drip

Family Life


“Distraction from destruction”–Llyod 

Grew up without a father present so music became the outlet and success became the drive!


Definitely a Ladies Man, Lloyd says NO KIDS! He don’t wanna have a lot of “Baby Mamas” running around, he waiting for the one.


Lloyd at 93.9 WKYS


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