Sasha Grey Discusses Eminem’s “Space Bound” Video

Sasha Grey says there’s more than one way to interpret Eminem’s new video for his single “Space Bound.”  The former adult film star tells MTV News that while she doesn’t know if the clip has a “thorough message,” she does believe it shows “that even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point.”  Sasha plays Em’s love interest in the video, which features the rap superstar trying to deal with his relationship.  The clip comes to an end with Eminem attacking Sasha and then shooting himself.  Sasha says she worked hard to perfect her character with director Joseph Kahn, adding that “her ultimate moment doesn’t come until the end.”

“Space Bound” is the latest single off Eminem’s multi-platinum album “Recovery.”  “Space Bound” follows the previous singles “Not Afraid,” “Love The Way You Lie,” and “No Love.”

Check Sasha Grey website out:

“Love is evil, spell it backwards and I’ll show you” QueenPri says: So you know my dumbass had to spell it backwards and see what I get: Evol–ahahahaha! I fuck with that so hard, so creative! But onsomeseriousshit…this and How to Love Remix is it! #HonestyMusic


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