People are going PRETZELS and NUTS out this joint!

All Pogos Paul Sefilian wanted to do whilst on a Southwest flight was smoke his electric cigarette. A desire which it seems that didn’t sit too well with one of the flight attendants.

Repeatedly telling Mr Sefillan he must put away his electric cigarette, he finally acquiced  but not before finally getting enraged and hurling peanuts and pretzels at the flight attendant.

Of course for his efforts, Mr Sefilian won himself a reprieve in federal court and an extended stay in jail.

The moral of the lesson? No matter how much you want to question the incongruity of the flight attendant’s demands (after all these things release harmless vapors), remember when you’re flying the scary skies of America what you think works when land bound ceases to work until you finally walk out the terminal gate at the other end…

 Dammnnnn…well, in that case….

Peanuts to Penis….

Yall hear about that woman jailed for cutting husband penis off. this is just a tragedy story. Married for a year and the half…drugged his dinner…and this is what is evil…she waited until he was waking up to cut it off. 

Pssshhh….she cut that SHIT off, ahahahaha! Dammmnnnn




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