Not dying is great, but waking up in a morgue still sucks


Damn, so this totally sucks…but is awesome to be alive 

Doctors should be the ones to declare whether you are alive or dead.  Not your uncle Phil.

A South African man was sent to the morgue by his family after they were unable to wake him Saturday night.  Almost 24 hours later he was screaming to be released because he was very much alive.

The attendents ran away, thinking the man was a ghost. Eventually, he was let out and doctors determined that he was dehydrated but fine.

A couple hundred years ago this kind of thing happened quite a bit. In the 17th century there were 149 documented cases of premature burial, 10 cases in which the bodies were accidentaly dissected before death and 2 where embalming was started. And those are just the ones they know about. 

We’ve thankfully gotten a little better when it comes to burying our loved ones.  I hope we don’t start sliding backwards. I know there’s a do-it-yourself craze sweeping the nation but determing death is something we should leave to the professionals.


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