So why are so many Celebs being admitted to the tax lien Hall of Fame: Pay your damn taxes!!!

Lil Kim is going to the tax lien Hall of Fame — because the Queen Bee has run her bill with Uncle Sam into the seven figures … TMZ has learned.
Lil Kim’s tax problems are well-documented and go back nearly 10 years. According to documents filed with the L.A. Recorder’s Office, Kim owes money every year from 2002-2009.

The 2009 amount, $86347.85, was just recently tacked on — bringing her total $1,026,862.42.


Bow Wow:



Story posted earlier..check it out:


Luckily for Darryl Strawberry, he doesn’t have to pay his ex but he do have to pay Uncle Sam. The IRS even gets paid before divorce settlement can touch anything: Check out DARRYL STRAWBERRY on TMZ:

Sean Kingston

Check out his story and his spree of tax-free life! Pahhahaa, the gotcha too!


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