Deidre Jefferies ESPION!

So I know, I know…it’s my fault that you guys weren’t aware of the Rolls Royce Presents ESPION Fall/Winter 2012 Show.


No worries though, I gotcha covered. So let’s get you caught up to speed.

P² Media & M.L.M.L. Consulting teamed up with ESPION for the Rolls Royce Presents ESPION Fall/Winter 2012 Show. We were graced with not only the future of FASHION but with MY NEW BIG SIS and DMV’s own Rashida Jolley (If you don’t know about her, you better GOOGLE or…ugh, slacker!)

Well being as though I didn’t let you know when the event was occurring, I guess you don’t want to know so much since YOU weren’t there….don’t be salty! Just know that it was THE BOMB DOT COM! Pictures and Espion info is listed below.

Visit Espion’s homepage:


On behalf of P ² Media, Priyadarshini Persaud of Radio One Inc., and M.L. Consulting, Mahadeo Lanz, BP Image, Brian Perkins, please accept our sincerest gratitude and thanks for the supportive role you played and opportunity granted to all involved in the Rolls Royce Presents ESPION Fall/Winter 2012 on February 29, 2012.

Wise High School’s faculty and staff, you allowed your students the rare opportunity, to participate in the top echelon of fashion, Espion, and the exposure to international brands including Roles Royce, Bentley, and DC magazine to name a few.

Espion You demonstrated the leadership style that other executives rarely do. Your willingness to participate as a co-equal made this top-down program successful at each level.

Thank you for giving your time, support, and most of all trust in P ² /M.L. Consulting, we look forward to further collaborative efforts in the future.


P ² /M.L. Consulting

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