QueenPri First Day at WYCB 1340AM

Very Special ShoutOut to my Radio One & WYCB FAM! Mr. Winston Chaney!

Ya’ll tune it on weekdays and tune into Winston Chaney Morning Show: The USA’s Longest Running Morning Show “THE WINSTON CHANEY MORNING SHOW” is ON THE AIR!!!!http://myspiritdc.com (STREAMING LIVE)

Follow my main man Winston on Twitter: @winstonchaney

Also SHOUTOUT TO MY MENTOR KEVIN LANKFORD! Follow on twitter: @kevins2010

Now check me out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28CwrBkbX90


2 thoughts on “QueenPri First Day at WYCB 1340AM

  1. Winston Chaney says:

    My Girl Priya!! I love you girl!! You always look out for your homeboy. You wanna go with me to Blues Alley tomorrow note for a Jazz concert?

  2. small fry says:

    Good Evening,

    I just wanted to say, “Congratulations! on your first day opening up the show for Ms. Rosetta Thompson. You did a wonderful job opening up. You’re a natural! Remember: This is only the beginning! Keep doing your thing. Motivation all day everyday! Congrats! I support you! and since I didn’t mention in the last comment before I’m going to mention it now…. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDY MISS QUEENPRI!!! I hope you had a beautiful birthday yesterday. May GOD continue to bless you. Hugs & Kisses!”

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