Alright, this RIGHT HERE deserves some love! My BROTHERS, my HOOD, my SQUAD, my SUPPORTERS! I’m so proud of y’all & each of you ripped this joint! Now YOUR #1 FAN! You don’t see love like this from a hood nomore, but we more than that– WE FAMILY!!!! LOOOVE YOU BAYBAYS!

Check em out: 

Follow my brothers: Show some love– TWITTER FLOW:

@ishlluminati @foolassgoopy @leader_y3 @jjreal @officialleakfoe

P.S—next time I BETTER GET A S/O or some bars! LOLOLOLO!

Anywho, how bout a song dedicated to the C-Ladies! 🙂

Keep grinding, you got my #SUPPORT!


Sissy, “Lil B”, Priya



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