About The Blog/Hunee/QueenPri

That’s QueenPri or Hunee to YOU!

This is a MEDIA INDUSTRY BLOG!… Here, we don’t discriminate against any topics…
We talk about it ALL! All for FUN or TO MAKE FUN OF! 
All intellectual comments are welcome and even those that are not!
P.S.–I utilize this blog for many of my school projects too


4 thoughts on “About The Blog/Hunee/QueenPri

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I’m a 20 year old female just coming through to make a special comment. I just wanted to say, “I like what you had to say in the paragraph above. You kept it one-hundred throughout your entire “About Me” bio (uch respect to you and your honesty). A lot of young females today can’t be honest but you are so I respect that. Since I took the time out to read what you had to say. I felt that it would only be right to make a comment. 🙂 I’ve seen your twitter page it’s very nice…you’re very pretty (NO HOMO). hahaha I just have a question…if your able to correspond back to my comment. Since you model…do you have any advice on me trying to pursue a modeling career (I’m a DMV resident too)?

    • Hi there beautiful!

      I truly appreciate your feedback, comments like that inspire me to always come back with more. Thank you!

      I am NOWHERE near a model…lol, I hardly ever take pictures! Though, my advice would be to simply follow & CATCH your dreams. ANything is possible! Also, find people who are already in that profession and shadow them. If there is nothing else a human enjoys, it is to feel appreciated and admired. Mark my word! Reach out to some local model agencies and even professional models, if your request is right–THEY will fall right in YOUR hands.

      Best wishes in your future endeavors,


      • small fry says:

        Good Evening,

        Thank you for corresponding back to the comment I posted on Thursday, April 5th. I know I’m a month late on a response but it’s better late than never. lol but I do thank you for taking the time out to respond back to my comment…a lot of people (celebrities) don’t really do that (interact with their peers or fans) and for that alone I definitely appreciate and respect that. And you’re truly welcome for the comment I posted. I just felt that it was only right to come through and post a comment and give you my true honest opinion or perspective based off what you wrote because to me I felt that what you posted came from the heart but not only that I felt that you were being honest and sincere to the people who view and read your blog(s). Now to the response you made towards my comment (dun, dun, dun, dun lol)…hahaha I so thought you were a model hands down. I would’ve never known that you weren’t a model. smh! You should consider being one since your not. 🙂 but as far as modeling is concerned for me it’s something that I’ve wanted to do but it’s not something I have support in as far as my parents go but that’s just how they are and I can’t control that. So as of right now I just attend college out in D.C. working in the nursing field (plan B…something to fall back on). But I will take heed into the advice you gave me (follow & CATCH your dreams. ANything is possible!). I did get on contact with the photographer (Ted MeBane) who took your picture though I just have to set up a shoot with him. He’s so nice and cool…but I appreciate you corresponding back. Keep posting blogs though I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you for your advice. 🙂

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